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Domestic Koi has been misinterpreted in the koi hobby as a lower quality koi opposed to the Japanese Imports . Something to keep in mind when deciding whether you want to pick between a domestic Koi and a Japanese Import is the genetics. Just like any high end pets, genetics is the primary factor that drives the prices up. For us, we work with our farmers and understand the parents they use to breed to get our domestic koi. All of the koi we get in are strictly second generation from Japan. What does that mean? This means our farmers only breed Japanese Import Koi with each other to maintain the strong bloodline. In the Japanese language, this would be called a "Nekkei Nishikigoi." All this means is, "Japanese parents with baby koi born in America." In addition to the genetics, senbetsu (culling) is the other side of the coin that makes High Quality Domestic Koi. The main farm we receive our koi from, has been trained in senbetsu (culling) from some of the most notorious farms in Japan. Our commitment to the hobby involves finding the best quality we can for our clients , by meeting our farmers and getting to see their quality and hearing their stories. We are confident in their quality and hope we can past that trust off to our clients.

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