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13” Gin Rin Kogane Ochiba - Ikarashi Toshinobu koi Farm

This is a beautiful Gin Rin Kogane Ochiba that will have the potential to grow well in a great pond. The gin Rin on this koi is magnificent with amazing metallic complexion. In the right care, this koi will be a very beautiful addition to any hobbyists pond.

Age: Nisai

Sex: Unknown

We here at Tri-Star Koi strive to be your one stop shop for all things Koi. With that in mind, we take pride in the koi we sell. Our Koi health is the number one priority. When purchasing any koi from us, you can be reassured we check every Koi before it leaves our facility. If we see anything that may potentially be an issue, we will not ship your koi until it is healed or taken care of. In the occassion this happens, we will reach out to the buyer to inform them the situation and that we can not ship your koi. If we do have to go this route, we can wait it out until the koi is healed, replace your koi for a different koi of similar value, or credit you back to the original form of payment. When shipping any live animals, there are risks involved. If an incident were to happen while in transit, Tri-Star Koi will cover the loss. Once the Package is delivered and in the buyer’s pond, the buyer assumes the risk. Please understand this prior to purchasing.

13” Gin Rin Kogane Ochiba- Ikarashi Toshinobu Koi Farm

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