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Midori is a complete floating and insect rich feed with a high protein level to promote growth. Also, Midori is 100% free of fish meal and fish oil and therefore highly sustainable. Fish meal has been replaced by insect meal. Furthermore, it contains astaxanthin to support the rich colors in your koi. The Midori pellet has been produced in 3 different larvae shapes which stimulate the natural feeding pattern of the koi.


A feed that is specifically designed for Japanese koi and truly emphasizes the sustainability we all care about. The feed is called MIDORI – translated “green” in Japanese - and refers to our back to nature concept that aims to lower the carbon footprint of our products.



  • MIDORI: Contains sustainable ingredients with Omega-3 in a floating food that's 100% free of marine ingredients. 
  • UNIQUE: 3 different larvae shapes which stimulate the natural feeding patten of the koi. 
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Feed 2-4 times per day depending on fish size and water temperature and no more than the koi eat within 5 minutes. Remove uneaten feed from the pond in case of overfeeding. 
  • CLEANER WATER: With Midori, fish see less waste and cleaner water because of the higher quality, easy to digest formula. Midori is great for energy, health and everyday functions. 
  • TEMPERATURE CARE: At water temperatures below 50° F, koi have a reduced appetite and slow digestion, therefore feed accordingly. Don’t feed koi if the water temperature is below 5° F.






Crude fibre






Alltech Coppens - Midori - Koi Food (33lbs)

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