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Discover the pinnacle of pond pump performance with the Sequence 3300SEQ21 External Pump 3300 GPH. Setting the standard as the epitome of ultra-efficiency, this pump embodies strength and reliability akin to a superhero. Featuring high-efficiency impellers, seals that defy dry runs, and cutting-edge industrial motors, the Sequence 3300SEQ21 redefines excellence in pond pump technology.

Equipped with an 8-foot cord and stainless steel hardware, this robust pump is built for durability and convenience. Its 1/8 HP motor, alongside a 1.5" inlet and discharge, ensures seamless operation in your pond or water feature setup. Whether you seek efficient water circulation, fountain operation, or waterfall power, the Sequence 3300SEQ21 External Pump is the trustworthy choice to keep your water elements running smoothly and effortlessly.

Sequence 3300SEQ21 External Pump 3300 GPH

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