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Tri-Star Koi is proud to announce we will unvail our new Merch on our website. This design is embroidered on the front and heat transfered on the back. The material of this item is 100% Cotton. The thickness is 230 GSN, we did not want to hold back on the thickness! 

The scripture on the front says, " Mitsuboshi Nishikigoi" in english terms, " Tri-Star Koi". 

Tri-Star Koi gives recognition to our homestate, Tennessee, as the state slogan is in our name.

" Tri-Star". 

Please note, we are limited on sizes and Colors. Some colors may show a lighter or darker from stock picture.  

Thank You for your support, and we are always trying to spice up our design for our merch! 

Tri-Star Koi Cotton T-Shirt

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