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Japanese Import Koi to many hobbyist are the pinnacle in the Koi hobby. In Japan, the word koi actually translates to Nishkigoi. The Nishkigoi quality and selections tend to outshine domestic and other countries quality. Koi that come from Japan usually come from farms located in the city of Niigata. One of the reason for the high quality is due to the strict Senbetsu (culling) process these farms maintain. The Senbetsu process is something that is passed down from generation to generations. This family tradition that has been passed down only gets better and better through age. The reason being, breeders are able to identify qualities that will last versus qualities that will not stand for the long terms, and they are able to see that in the growth of their Nishkigoi. This is the main reason why they specialize in one or a few kind of styles of Nishkigoi rather than trying to breed the whole spectrum and be proficient in all. Opposed to companies here domestically which mass produce with little quality control. A majority of these Japanese farms view their Nishkigoi as an art that must be crafted, rather than being mass produced for more sales. Which is one of the reasons they are able to sell their Nishkigoi at much higher rates. At the end of the day, these farmers have their family's reputation they want to push into the spotlight. Another factor that helps validate whether or not a farm is reputable is by winning in the "All Japan Koi Show." This is a show that is hosted annually that showcases the best of the best. By winning one of the categories or grand champion, a farmer helps validate their place as a specialist in that specific Nishkigoi type. While this is not how all determine the value of the Nishkigoi, this is a great indication. When you are looking for your next Koi for your pond, we hope this insight gives you a better frame of reference.

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